Hi. I draw lots of things — things are divided into ART and COMICS categories to help you navigate. As far as my style goes, it’s a little bit of everything. My comics are usually autobiographical and drawn as rough cartoons. My sketches range from ridiculous scraps to finely detailed studies. And my more polished art is usually about mermaids, what can I say. I hope you explore and find something to enjoy!


My most popular comics are:
Surprise, a series about being thrown unexpectedly in touch with genetic relatives via a DNA site
Inktober Comics, because Inktober is awesome!
• My MerMay drawings are some of my best (be warned, I do not believe in modesty shells!)

Printable Fun Stuff

• Coloring Pages: People enjoy coloring my black & white line art! Historical romance and mermaid coloring pages are available here.

• Boy Pages: Paper dolls and coloring pages that feature a neutral boy, can be downloaded here!

On the socials

I’m @sharksketchbook on Instagram (and Twitter). I’m the most active on Insta, so DM me there if you need to get in touch.

If you enjoy what I create and would like to buy me an iced chai, I’m sharksketchbook on Ko-Fi.