Lots of people request coloring pages of my black and white line art, so I’ve put some pdfs together that you can easily download and color yourself. Enjoy! If you post pics of your coloring triumphs on Instagram or Twitter, please tag me @sharksketchbook — I’d love to see your creations!

Historical Romance Fanart

The Hathaway Family inspired by the novels of Lisa Kleypas

Colin and Minerva from A Week to Be Wicked by Tessa Dare

Rafe and Clio from Say Yes to the Marquess by Tessa Dare

Penny and Gabe from The Wallflower Wager by Tessa Dare

Chase and Alex from The Governess Game by Tessa Dare

Aaron and Diana from Beauty and the Blacksmith by Tessa Dare

Sam and Alva from The Widow of Rose House by Diana Biller

The Moore Family from various books by by Diana Biller

From the Duke I’d Like to F… historic romance anthology:

DILF Fun Page with all five illustrations

• DILF: Ajax and Eleanor from The Chasing of Eleanor Vane by Sierra Simone

• DILF: Jasper and Ada from Duke for Hire by Nicola Davidson

• DILF: Owen and Cecilia from An Education in Pleasure by Eva Leigh

• DILF: Arlo and Marena from The Duke Makes Me Feel… by Adriana Herrera

• DILF: Max and Violet from My Dirty Duke by Joanna Shupe

From the Rake I’d Like to F… historic romance anthology:

RILF Fun Page with all five illustrations

• RILF: Peregrine and Sandy from The Last Crimes of Peregrine Hind by Sierra Simone

• RILF: Rush, Vivian and Jack from Two Rakes for Mrs. Sparkwell by Eva Leigh

• RILF: Lennox, Viola and Jonathan from A Rake, His Patron, & Their Muse by Nicola Davidson

• RILF: Cantor and X from Monsieur X by Adriana Herrera

• RILF: Eliza and Lucien from Sold to the Duke by Joanna Shupe

From the Maiden Lane series by Elizabeth Hoyt:

Lazarus and Temperance from Wicked Intentions (Book 1). Bonus: version with no background

Hero and Griffin from Notorious Pleasures (Book 2). Bonus: version with no background

Silence, Mickey and Mary Darling from Scandalous Desires (Book 3). Bonus: version without wallpaper and black hair fill. Extra nerdery: two versions of Mickey’s artichoke and turnip wallpaper (designed for the illustration) — individual square or full page pattern

Winter and Isabel from Thief of Shadows (Book 4)

Godric and Megs from Lord of Darkness (Book 5). Bonus: version with no background

Maximus and Artemis from Duke of Midnight (Book 6). Bonus: version with no background

Apollo and Lily from Darling Beast (Book 7). Bonus: version with no background

Phoebe and Trevillion from Dearest Rogue (Book 8). Bonus: version with no background

Asa and Eve from Sweetest Scoundrel (Book 9). Bonus: version with no background

Valentine and Bridget from Duke of Sin (Book 10). Bonus: version with no background

Hugh And Alf from Duke of Pleasure (Book 11). Bonus: version with no background

Iris and Raphael from Duke of Desire (Book 12). Bonus: version with no background

Boy Pages

Paper dolls and coloring pages starring a boy. Lots of flexible and friendly options. More info and different options for downloading on this separate page.

Merfolk (NSFW because boobs)

I’ve participated in the annual MerMay challenge several times and people have asked me for coloring pages every year. Finally, here are some mers to color! Some of the earlier stuff is very basic, but that’s just an opportunity for you to have more fun with color and texture as you create your own versions. You can see colored versions of these drawings in my site’s MerMay section or on my Instagram.

WARNING: there are breasteses, and queer mers, and mers with disabilities, and mers of different shapes/sizes/ages/genders/colors. I have nothing against the traditional Ariel or Barbie mermaids (pretty and perfect in their shell bras), but please be warned that my mers aren’t those. I refuse to draw modesty shells — it’s sexist that the female nipple has to be hidden and is always sexualized. And, in an incredibly diverse environment like the ocean, it makes no sense that every mer-person would be female, thin and white. So I try to mix it up.

Big Mer PDF (includes all pages listed below) – 27 pages of mers! Go crazy!
Mer Queen (2021) – Drawn for (one of the) International Mermaid Day(s)
The Mer Court (2021) – Whispered intrigue and scaly scandal abound beneath the waves in this larger piece.
Alien Mermaid (2021)
Lizzo and Chris Evans as Mers (2021) – During MerMay 2021, celebrities Lizzo and Chris Evans had a Twitter flirtation, and a friend asked me to mer them up as a fun and funny result.
Two Sirens (2021) – A friendly debate with friends about whether birds or fish were the original creature half of the classical siren resulted in this drawing, where both types of sirens are unable to resist each other.
Fish Eater Mermaid (2021)
Mer Prince (2021)
Creepy Sea Dragon (2021) – Partly inspired by No-Face from Ghibli’s Spirited Away, This is some sort of sea dragon who can present the illusion of a mermaid to lure in delicious prey. That’s her real eye and hair, but she has markings that simulate a face on her nose… and if she curls her tail over her belly it looks enough like a mer that… well, then those razor sharp fangs and claws go to work! I love monster girls.
Mermaid and Seal (2021)
• Sharkmaids – My birthday is in May, so I always draw a sharkmaid to celebrate. Even in years of lower productivity (ahem, 2020), I still managed my birthday sharkmaid.
Sharkmaid 4 (2021)
Sharkmaid 3 (2020)
Sharkmaid 2 (2019)
Sharkmaid 1 (2018)
Tuna and Blue Tang Mermaids (2019) – You can color this any way you like, but they were originally inspired by the tuna and the blue tang. Tangs are also called doctorfish — they help tend and care for other fish in the wild, which lent an extra sweetness to the love of these two mermaids, especially since the tuna is disabled (lost an arm to a shark — the ocean is a dangerous place!).
Carp Merman and Crab (2019)
• Mama Mers – Mother’s Day is in May, so I always draw some mer mamas.
Mother’s Day 1: Mom and Mini (2019)
Mother’s Day 2: Two Moms, Two Minis (2021)
Older Mermaid (2019)
Tattoo Tail Mermaid (2019)
Mermen in Love (2019)
Mer Dads and Their Dumpling (2019)
Mermaid and Otter (2019)
Bone Mask Mermaid Warrior (2019)
Orca Merman and Sea Snake (2019)
Mermaid and Turtle (2018)
Lonely Merman (2018)
Mermaid and Octopus (2018)

Note: These are not all my MerMay drawings. If there is one missing that you particularly want as a coloring page, just give me a shout!