I saw a tweet recently where a parent was complaining that it was incredibly hard to find any paper dolls or fashion plates that had boys in them — their young son loves to color and design clothes, but is frustrated by the limited options (almost exclusively female). I immediately flashed back to my own childhood! I loved paper dolls too, and it was rare to see people who looked like me or my friends. We were wild children of various skin tones and interests, not just blonde princesses, Barbies or historical English roses. So I’ve drawn a simple set of “boy pages” that let the artist do a lot of customizing. All pages are black and white, waiting for personal color choices! I’ve tried to make the illustrations flexible and friendly.

This is a starter set — I hope to expand these and give the boy more hairstyles, outfits and props. If you decide to show off your creations, or you have ideas or requests for more pages, let me know on Twitter or Instagram! I hope you have some fun with these, as I did.


Boy Pages 1 — full 9-page pdf with paper dolls and coloring pages

Individual pages:

Page 1 — Paper Dolls: Boy in undies and instructions

Page 2 — Paper Dolls: Hair styles

Page 3 — Paper Dolls: Simple outfit (hoodie, jeans and tee)

Page 4 — Paper Dolls: Merboy

Page 5 — Coloring Page: Simple Outfit buddies (hairstyles 1 and 2)

Page 6 — Coloring Page: Simple Outfit buddies (hairstyles 3 and 4)

Page 7 — Coloring Page: Simple Outfit buddies (hairstyles 5 and 6)

Page 8 — Coloring Page: Simple Outfit buddies (hairstyle 7 and bald)

Page 9 — Coloring Page: Merboy buddies

These pages are free, though I happily accept small tips if you like them and are feeling generous!