I’m a creative shark who draws nonsense. Everything I create is for fun on the side, so things are happily all over the place. I make a lot of autobiographical comics and I like drawing challenges — Inktober, MerMay, that sort of thing. If you are inclined to follow me on Instagram, be warned that I also showcase my enamel pin collection and occasionally post nerdy music stories involving questionable bops.

I graduated from both Parsons and RISD and I live in a historic (but sadly, unhaunted) landmark in Providence, RI. I’m a modern nomad, creature nerd, microcar enthusiast, animal lover, proud feminist, film geek, and total goofball.

I have a webcomic about a mechanically-minded Rapunzel but it is on hiatus while I find it a new home. I hope to bring it back soon.

Shameless plug for the Sketchbook Project, the world’s largest collection of sketchbooks, submitted by creative people of all ages and backgrounds across the globe. The library lives in Brooklyn (if you’re ever in the neighborhood, go visit!) but the sketchbooks occasionally tour in an adorable microtruck. I’ve done it five times – you should participate! Seriously! Sign up on their site.

If you need to get in touch, the best way to do that is via DM on Instagram. If you must, my gmail is sharksketchbook (expect a delayed response).