Monster Girls

For a while, drawing monster girls was my main form of stress relief from a toxic job situation. The last few monster girls were drawn after I quit and became much happier. Eventually I colored a few of them in. I loved my monster girls.

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In August of 2017, I tried drawing daily sharky info pages in my sketchbook. This was an ambitious goal and I ran out of steam after just four sharks! I’d love to pick this project back up again and make a proper sharkopedia — someday!

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Inktober 2016 Gallery 2

I wasn’t feeling the prompts for any of the Halloween Challenges in 2016, so I came up with my own list. I also went back to a purely hand drawn challenge, working with microns and Pitt Pen markers in a battered Moleskine sketchbook. I loved this year — some fun, tiny toons resulted. The last half of the month (apparently I missed Day 21: Enchanted Edible… ?):

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My most popular comics are:
Surprise, a series about being thrown unexpectedly in touch with genetic relatives via a DNA site
Inktober Comics, because Inktober is awesome!
• My MerMay drawings are some of my best (be warned, I do not believe in modesty shells!)

Printable Fun Stuff

• Coloring Pages: People enjoy coloring my black & white line art! Historical romance and mermaid coloring pages are available here.

• Boy Pages: Paper dolls and coloring pages that feature a neutral boy, can be downloaded here!

On the socials

I’m @sharksketchbook on Instagram (and Twitter). I’m the most active on Insta, so DM me there if you need to get in touch.

If you enjoy what I create and would like to buy me an iced chai, I’m sharksketchbook on Ko-Fi.