MerMay 2019 Gallery 2

May is nothing but mers! In 2019, I focused on characters. I brought back a few from 2018 but added a bunch of new undersea faces. It was nice to see how much I’ve evolved in a year! NSFW because I do not believe in modesty shells! The last two weeks of the month:

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If you’re interested in my comics, these are my most popular series:
Surprise, about being thrown unexpectedly in touch with genetic relatives via a DNA site
Cultural Scripts, about how society communicates
Inktober Comics, because INKTOBER IS AWESOME!


If you enjoy what I create and would like to buy me an iced chai, I’m sharksketchbook on Ko-Fi.

My Rapunzel Webcomic

Rapunzel is currently on hiatus while I find a
home for it that isn’t Tumblr…

I’m @sharksketchbook on Instagram (and Twitter). I’m the most active on Insta, so DM me there if you need to get in touch.