I participated in a week-long Harry Potter challenge (it started in July around Harry’s birthday but I didn’t finish until August, oops lol). Building on my avatar from the Hogwarts Mystery game, I followed my character through seven years of Hogwarts. She had two pets (even though you’re only allowed one) and was a proud Slytherclaw. Her best friends were a pair of albino conjoined twins named Owen and Oz, and a fluffy girl named Chrysanthemum (Santhy for short). She was one of four daughters born to a Japanese wizard rock bassist and a magizoologist/magical vet, and her sisters were sporty Riho (Gryffindor), bookworm Aiko (Gryffindor) and sweet peacekeeper Hakucho (Hufflepuff). Her rival was a Slytherin boy named Felix Clement, and by their final year they’d gone from enemies to sweethearts training together to work with dangerous magical creatures. I really enjoyed the storytelling involved in this challenge!