Coloring Pages

Lots of people request coloring pages of my black and white line art, so I’ve put some pdfs together that you can easily download and color yourself. Enjoy! If you post pics of your coloring triumphs on Instagram or Twitter, please tag me @sharksketchbook — I’d love to see your creations! Calendar Pages • October 2021 – The pdf is 2 pages and includes my colored version and a line art version to color yourself! Historical Romance Fanart • The…

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MerMay 2021

I had a very productive MerMay in 2021 and felt like I’d finally recovered some of my creative groove. I used the monthly challenge to play a lot with line and color, and while there were some experiments that didn’t quite shine, I was quite proud of a few of these merfolk and felt like I’d learned and evolved a bit as an artist (which is always the hoped-for result of a challenge like this, in my opinion). This is quite a motley assortment of mers — a Lizzo-inspired mer pops up not once but twice (with a Chris Evans-ish merman, because they were flirting on Twitter the day I drew this), there is an exploration of the two different types of sirens, and even an undersea creature inspired by No-Face from Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away. This was the first MerMay that I improvised — usually I plan them out so there is a good balance of genders and animal sidekicks. This was definitely an educational May!

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MerMay 2021: Warm Up

As a warmup to the official MerMay challenge, I drew this warrior queen mermaid as a way of experimenting with linework and color and shaking off some of the lingering creative slump from 2020. I enjoyed playing with this fierce beauty! An Instagram poll for fave colors resulted in… no clear winner! People really loved the version they loved, it proved quite interesting. I’m glad I did this — I was in much better shape to start the actual challenge once May 1st rolled around.

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MerMay 2020

Creativity during the first wave of the pandemic in early-mid 2020 was elusive. Despite my love for the annual MerMay challenge, I managed only a short comic and a few mer drawings. I was proud of any and all pandemic output. It was a rough time.

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My most popular comics are:
Surprise, a series about being thrown unexpectedly in touch with genetic relatives via a DNA site
Inktober Comics, because Inktober is awesome!
• My MerMay drawings are some of my best (be warned, I do not believe in modesty shells!)

Printable Fun Stuff

• Coloring Pages: People enjoy coloring my black & white line art! Historical romance and mermaid coloring pages are available here.

• Boy Pages: Paper dolls and coloring pages that feature a neutral boy, can be downloaded here!

On the socials

I’m @sharksketchbook on Instagram (and Twitter). I’m the most active on Insta, so DM me there if you need to get in touch.

If you enjoy what I create and would like to buy me an iced chai, I’m sharksketchbook on Ko-Fi.